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Large and subdued, the Gigapuma is a predatory cat the size of a horse. Through generational training, grooming, and breeding, the Gigapuma has become largely domesticated and is a favorite mount of the Phoenix Queen's elite cavalry units. Gigapumas, often referred to as War-Cats, are as fierce in battle as their rider and offer superior mobility to horses of both the biological and synthetic variety. Many warriors prefer their War-Cat over and above even the various anti-grav transportation options available in the Queen's tankery.   Though they can be expensive to keep and feed, Gigapumas are loyal companions and will often sacrifice themselves to protect their riders and cavalry-mates.   Gigapumas are traditionally kept at the War-Cat stables located near the Queen's tankery. There, professional stable masters are able to see after the War-Cats' every need. That said, some Gigapumas become so familiar with their rider that they will live with the rider as a part of the family.

Basic Information


The Gigapuma is approximately the size of a quarter-horse, though they tend to be shorter and thicker of muscle and fur. The Gigapuma is a strong and agile feline that balances itself upon four immense paws that hide dagger-like, retractable claws.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Domesticated Gigapumas subsist on the various table scraps made available by their caretakers. However, many prized Gigapumas are known to dine alongside their caretakers, sharing the same meals as their rider or stable master.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Gigapuma has an amazing ability to see in the dark, as well as an uncanny knack for slinking stealthily through shadows. A natural born hunter, the Gigapuma can track its target over vast distances before setting up the perfect strike. A full grown Gigapuma can jump great distances and they are known to pounce and attack from hiding.
Scientific Name

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