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The Phi-Nite Universe


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The Greatest Story Never Told. Book one, the Phi-nal Redemption. Find out what happens to the survivors of both an Apocalypse on one Earth and Armageddon on all other parallel Earths. In book one we see the survivors develop a new Utopian society on a new and unspoiled by human earth they name Eden. All seems well until they are given the surviving Angels who administered Armageddon to care for. When what is left of the Arch Angel Michael is delivered into their care, we begin to see the sacrifices made to save even the small number of humans who were saved. Book two, The Phi-Knight Equation, shows another Earth where Yellowstone erupted with a little help from an alien so old that his landing on Earth caused the end of the Mesozoic era 66 million years ago. The replacements of the Arch Angel Michael are created and raised here in order to undo a great harm to the universe, the very body of God itself. Books three and beyond is where we find out exactly what the Arch Angel Michael has been doing since leaving Heaven to do his work as the Right Hand of God and exactly what "it" all means.