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The Peacekeeper Saga

30 years after the Battle of Endor

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A derivative of the Star Wars universe. An entirely new canon using only the original 6 films as a basis. Anything originating from the Expanded Universe or the Disney Canon is purposefully disregarded baring a some coincidental concepts, intentional homages, scrapped elements from Lucas' early drafts, and a few occasional exceptions.   Every story set in this canon will be written under a framing meta-narrative which assumes that they were produced at some point between 2015 and present day, as either movies, TV series, novels or short stories.   Using the original 6 movies as sole foundation, this canon will cover various eras. Most notably, the end and aftermath of the Galactic Civil War following RETURN OF THE JEDI, an ancient war against the tyranny of the Sith centuries before THE PHANTOM MENACE, and the struggles of a new generation shaped and burdened by the legacy of our heroes decades after the Original Trilogy.   The main centrepiece of the new canon will be a Sequel Trilogy set 30 years after Return of the Jedi, wherein the uneasy peace between the New Republic and a reduced Galactic Empire begins to unravel.