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Name: Vaporwits Type: Cognitive Condition Origin: Eclipsis Prevalence: Common among long-term inhabitants Symptoms: Clouded cognition, memory lapses, dream-like disorientation, etc.  


Vaporwits is a unique cognitive condition found among the inhabitants of Eclipsis, a planet known for its distinct atmospheric qualities. The term 'Vaporwits' derives from the local vernacular, combining 'vapor' – indicative of the planet's misty and ethereal air – with 'wits', referring to the mind. It is characterized by a range of symptoms from mild cognitive fog and memory lapses to more pronounced states of dream-like disorientation and altered perception.

Transmission & Vectors

Airborne (Eclipsian atmosphere)


The condition is believed to be caused by prolonged exposure to certain elements or compounds present in the Eclipsian atmosphere. These elements, while benign in small doses, can accumulate in the body over time, leading to gradual changes in neural processing. Vaporwits typically develops over years, with early symptoms often overlooked or attributed to general fatigue.


Individuals with Vaporwits may exhibit a range of symptoms:  
  • Short-term memory loss or lapses
  • Difficulty concentrating on complex tasks
  • A sensation of being in a perpetual, dream-like haze
  • Slowed cognitive processing
  • Occasional disorientation or confusion
While not debilitating, Vaporwits can impact daily life, affecting work efficiency and social interactions.


There is no known cure, but treatments focus on symptom management. These may include cognitive exercises, dietary adjustments, and in some cases, temporary relocation to areas with different atmospheric compositions.


Stage 1: Initial Exposure

Duration: First few months to a year of exposure Symptoms: Mild forgetfulness, occasional lapses in concentration, a slight feeling of being disconnected or in a haze. Outlook: Symptoms are often disregarded as stress or fatigue. No significant impact on daily life.  

Stage 2: Mild Vaporwits

Duration: 1-3 years of exposure Symptoms: More frequent memory lapses, difficulty in focusing on complex tasks, a consistent sense of disorientation or being in a dream-like state. Outlook: Daily activities start to be affected. Individuals may begin to notice changes in their cognitive abilities, leading to mild anxiety or concern.  

Stage 3: Moderate Vaporwits

Duration: 3-5 years of exposure Symptoms: Marked memory issues, particularly with recent events, increased difficulty with concentration and problem-solving, occasional confusion about time or place. Outlook: Noticeable impact on work performance and social interactions. Individuals may require assistance or adaptations in their work and daily life.  

Stage 4: Advanced Vaporwits

Duration: Over 5 years of exposure Symptoms: Significant memory loss, including important personal details, pronounced disorientation, a strong and persistent feeling of being detached from reality. Outlook: Daily life significantly impaired. Individuals may require constant care or support. Participation in complex tasks or handling machinery becomes unsafe.  

Forecasted Outcomes

Stabilization: In some cases, particularly with early intervention and reduced exposure, the progression of Vaporwits can stabilize, preventing further decline. Partial Reversal: Rarely, individuals who manage to completely remove themselves from Eclipsis's atmosphere for an extended period might experience partial reversal of symptoms, although some cognitive impairments may persist. Progressive Deterioration: Without intervention or change in environment, Vaporwits is likely to progress to advanced stages, leading to significant cognitive decline and impact on quality of life.


This condition can be entirely avoided by consistently using protective breathing filters and equipment while living on Eclipsis. Short term exposure (months or less) is unlikely to cause major issues in most people.
Chronic, Acquired

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