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The Netherscape

4th of Hunt in 1496 DR

Soufian Manaï
Gavin Maultby
Based on the books "The Dresden Files" by Jim Butcher

The world is constantly in motion, everchanging and rarely straightforward. This means mostly that straying off the "ways" will make for quite the adventure into the unknown.
Something simple as a stray thought, or feeling an essence of the place will end you up in a place linked to such thought or essence. If you've ever felt the idea of sitting on a train, lost in thought, and looking up to realize you're much farther than you expected. Gaining a sense of "how did I get here?". This is what traveling without the "ways" in the Netherscape feels like. For example; if you step into the Netherscape from a spooky place, chances are you'll end up in a very spooky place in the netherscape. Same goes for a place of happiness, or simply a stray thought of a wild event could end you up in the wyld, or rampant place.   Careful where you tread. Be weary of the inhabitants for they have had time on their hands, and have become masters in deception.