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A small, but suitable planet. Especially considering it's right between 1603-MRE-04 and 2012-PEN-05

The necessary, but unliked

2513-JHN-03 wasn't a popular choice for a new planet, but it was very much needed as a link between two of the Guaploris more important trade worlds. Many thought its resources weren't worth the hassle, especially with a species already residing there. The decision still came to cleanse it to prevent space traveling children so close to vulnerable spots in the territory, and because no other planet was better between both trade worlds.


A relatively small planet compared to other worlds the Guaplori have cleansed and colonized, but one with a large variety of landscapes and biomes. 2513-JHN-03's children are also unusually hostile, with the Guaploris efforts taking almost double the generations to enter the final stages compared to most other worlds. The only other times they've met such resistance the Guaplori have had to take up arms to let the last children be cleansed away.

Fauna & Flora

2513-JHN-03 isn't very notable in its Fora nor Fauna. The animals are generally fairly small, with the largest land animal being only about 6m long. The sea creatures can become bigger, but at only about 24m they're not unusually big either. As for the plant life, there's almost less to note. they produce oxygen that the fauna then uses and converts to carbon dioxide, which goes back to the plant. This kind of symbiosis is common on most planets able to sustain life.

Natural Resources

The biggest resource the 2513-JHN-03 has is its large amount of liquid water. Over 70% of the surface is water, and could be useful if the Guaplori wishes to terraform and colonize the planet close to 2513-JHN-03, called Mars by the locals. Mineral wise the planet seems to be fairly average, with the most common metal being Aluminium.
Alternative Name(s)

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Author's Notes

Hello! And thank you for reading my article! This was made for the Tale Foundry challenge. Due to some creative fatigue, its current state is pretty rough, but I still wanted to share my ideas! I intend to clean it up in the future, but hopefully you didn't find it too messy in its current state ^^

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