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Cysiltideg Rings

The Cysiltideg Rings are set of three interlinked rings and is the most popular tattoo throughout the Four Provinces. Traditionally, the rings represent the three aspects of honour in elven culture - honesty, loyalty, and generosity. Though originally an elven symbol, it has been adopted by most races and cultures in the Mamulad Isles. Following the first War of Assimilation, its use among elves is now minimal but it's still fairly common for other races, and particularly humans, to get this tattoo.

The tattoo is usually placed on the wrist or forearm and can be either plain or adorned with decorative items or writing. Other common places to get the tattoo and the upper arm, the shoulder, and occasionally the middle of the sternum.


The Cysiltideg Rings date back to when the elves ruled over the Mamulad Isles. Upon reaching adulthood, male elves would be presented with a pendant of the three interlinked rings to serve as a reminder to the three most important aspects of elven life. The rings were linked in such a way that breaking just one of them would cause the others to come apart. This property showed that, while each idea was individual, they could not exist witohut each other.

With the arrival of the first humans in the 4th Century, the Cysiltideg Rings were quickly adopted and assilimated into human culture. This was first done as a pendant similar to the elves but later transitioned to a tattoo. As the years passed, the tattoo form became more prominent as the humans became the dominant race. Following the first War of Assimilation, the elven use of the symbol was outlawed and any jewelry that depicted them was confiscated. Since that time, it is rare to see elves with any depiction of the Cysiltideg Rings.

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