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The Laughing Moon Chronicles

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The world under the Laughing Moon is a place where prophecy, dreams, and fate give rise to epic tales of magic and adventure. It is a world of power and prestige, avarice and aspirations, and a place where the actions of immortals and mortals alike reverberate through the collected pages of the Laughing Moon Chronicles.   Delve deeper into this fantasy setting by exploring three distinct eras: the Age of Dominion, the Age of Prophecy, and the Age of Wheelhouse. Discover how powerful immortals called the Ilianti and the Ilvastu shape the world, and by doing so, inadvertently lay the seeds of jealousy in the mortal heart throughout the Age of Dominion. The Age of Prophecy is characterized by the mastery of arcane arts while balanced against fear that the ancient world will once more rise. Lastly is the Age of Wheelhouse, which explores the post-apocalyptic remains of Mythren after the near destruction of the moon. Through all three eras weave the threads of fate, or “bandu,” as it is known in Mythren, binding lives and destinies together.   Over twenty-five years of work has gone into this setting providing a rich landscape for fantasy storytelling. The Laughing Moon Chronicles have previously been explored in novels, short stories, graphic novels, and a tabletop role-playing game, but never has the history of Mythren been available in such depth and detail.   This site is currently a work in progress as notes spanning more than two decades are collated, organized, and reworked into final form. When complete, those curious about this setting will have insight into the events, characters, and conflicts that have shaped this world.   Welcome to Mythren, and enjoy your adventure!

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