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The lands of Kaluban

16th Century, In the middle of the Oceanic Dark Ages

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Across the Great oceans are the lands of Kaluban, a small continent with vast wilderness surrounded by seas and archipelagos. through the continent is a line of mountain ranges surrounded by a thick jungle where monsters wander in search of prey. For the feudalistic Kalubanos, the jungle has become synonymous with death, it's a territory only traversed by the fools or the brave. Naturally, towns are mostly located along the coast or plains, or on any island on the archipelagos far away from the wilderness. But for the aforementioned fools and brave, many of them have attempted to challenge the wilderness, but only a handful have made it out alive. But since traveling through land can be dangerous, Boats became the preferred mode of transportation to other regions. Traveling along the coastlines are fleets of traders, pirates, and war boats. The seas are so saturated with vessels that you are almost guaranteed to find at least one or two passing by anywhere at any given time. You can only hope and pray that those vessels aren't sailing towards you. And don't think that you're safer staying inside city walls. Not even the stone and wooden walls can keep you from the dangers of thugs, spies, or the mysterious Aswangs. There are seldom anywhere you could consider totally safe in the lands of Kaluban.

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