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Concerning the Godslayers

Iprilis 23rd 1220   To my dearest cousin Queen Ingrid III Turnsey of Neragard.   I've just now recently learned the news that you are finally carrying an heir to your throne, you have my upmost sincerest congratulations on the matter, may your child grow into a strong, fierce and compassionate ruler, just like their grandfather. How is the James, your husband, I heard he fell ill once again, I sure do hope, for yours and your kingdom's sake, that your child doesn't inherit their fathers sickly habits.
Regardless I am writing to you know, for a matter concerning those accursed Godslayers; yes I am aware that they help a great deal with eradicating those monsters, and this is precisely the reason I am writing to you know.
Intel has just reached me through my spymaster, and I'm sure you have noticed as well. It's concerning the Godlings and how their numbers have dwindled since The Great Arrival; in fact the last Godling sighted was spotted and dispatched by the notorious Godslayer Fenrir in Martulus of 1218, and from what I've heard It wasn't even a Godling, but a sorcerer, who ran away from his cult after the Godling they worshipped and his peers were slaughtered by that same Godslayer nearly a month earlier, I'm sure you know the rest of the story.
This being said, my point on the matter is you, dear cousin, would like to join me and the other monarchs of the Nine Kingdoms to a banquet, where we will discuss what we will do with these Godslayers if any Godlings don't appear in the span of another year, and then agree to choose a representative on our behalf and communicate it to the other rulers of the Land.  
Best regards, your cousin

King Harold II of Rovagard.

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Private document

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Invitation to the Banquet of Kings. A feast hosting all the monarchs of the Nine Kingdoms, which is secretly a meeting for the monarchs to decide what to do with the Godslayers, now that the Godling crisis is seemingly over.

Announcement, Invitation
Authoring Date
Iprilis 23rd 1220

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