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Blackbloods. They are just like me and you and other redbloods, except that they have black blood and don't age from the age of 21 on (also they can open portals to other worlds). Their most hated enemies are the Meritians and there have been plenty of slaughter, warfare, conquest and liberation on both sides. But until now, the Meritians were the only side to commit genocide.


Major language groups and dialects

Most Blackbloods speak English, Irish or Scottish as first language. The number of Blackbloods speaking French and Italian as first language is constanly rising. Natural Blackbloods have almost always a remarkably strong scottish accent and prepossess the Blackblood-slang, a mixture of Gaelic, English and German.

Culture and cultural heritage

Blackbloods take the most pride in their army, the Neans. This way, everybody is expected to support it in some way. The loyalty to blood in private, meaning Neans, family and friends is just as important as "keeping face", which means to stay graceful and restrained when meeting strangers or acting publicly in any way. As most of the Blackbloods aren't natural blackbloods and took the Ceremony Of Aeons in order to join the Neans as soldiers, most traditions and rites got lost over time and are only kept by very few acient Blackblood families. The fight against Mereritians, their opressors and hated enemies since they first met, in -1000.

Shared customary codes and values

Honor and pride are the number one motivation for Blackbloods. That also had the consequence that Blackbloods slaughtered everyone who did offend these factors. A rather new value, which by now overbids the vengefulness of Blackbloods, is the law of grace, created by Lilo. It signifies the value of mercy, in order to get respected, not feared or hated. Every Blackblood is expected to join the Armed Forces of Blackbloods, the Neans. Loyalty is highly valued under Blackbloods.Traitors will almost never be totally forgiven. Especially in the Armed Forces, treason is punished with lose of uniform and identity, by casting them out with a sign on their forehead. From now on, they have no Rights whatsoever in Blackblood territory.

Average technological level

Although Neans do have a highly-developed system of communication and warfare, they usually prefer the traditinal way of fighting by using acient weapons like swords and only use the new technology, to destroy the technological-superior weapons of the enemy, to communicate in top-secret matters or travel with breathtaking pace. The secret-underground system of shuttles is a very efficient way of transporting goods, troop or very important persons from one point to the othe.

Common Etiquette rules

The new etquette of Blackbloods, established aroud the year 1400 plans a graceful and formidable appearance and behaviour. Words should be chosen wisely and the presentation of strong emotions, like laughter or crying is seen as something greatly private. Before the new standard on behaviour was established, Blackbloods tended to have a very hot temper and act ruthless and often gruesome to everyone offending them in any way. Still, they were very much respected and their favour was something beyond price. As friendship and loyalty are highly valued in the Blackbloods-culture, one could trust a companion as Blackblood.

Common Dress code

Blackbloods are usually seen in uniform. Their pride on wearing the Nean uniform does usually not stop off duty. Blackbloods usually wear grey and black-dominated clothing and pastel-coloured clothing is always seen as out-of-fashion.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Blackbloods show respect at military parades or marches by "praising". It describes a movement of first tapping the head once and then lifting the right arm, to present the back of your hand, wrist and elbow to the person in front of them.

Coming of Age Rites

As Blackbloods don't age from the age of 21 on, the ceremony for coming of age takes place on their 21st Birthday. From now on they are addionally allowed to be a exerising force in the Neans The most "new" Blackbloods, also take their Ceremony of Aeons on their 21st Birthday, or at least the Birthmonth.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Dead Blackbloods are usually cremated. The cremation has to take place in less than one week after their death and has to happen on the outside. It is widespread belief that the Soul of a Blackblood does never fully die. Instead, they should go to the City Of Light. If the cremation can't take place in the week after the death of the Blackblood, the Soul has died in the body and should be buried with it, in the belief of Blackblooods. Did the Blackblood die because of the so-called "End of Aeons", meaning that the blood was poisone and loses the ability to keep its owners youth, the corpse will be sent out to the see on a float.

Common Taboos

Treason, of every kind, is seen as the most disrespectful thing for a Blackblood to commit. Treason includes lying, slagging off, suicide and mistrust.

Common Myths and Legends

The Legend of the City of Light and the Story of time-corrupters are the two most popular stories to Balckbloods. What is Pretty clear to Blackbloods, but under everybody else is usually seen as conspiracy is the fact, that there a more world than the Knot and only Blackbloods can open Portals to them.

Historical figures

Nena- born Blackblood, freed the Blackbloods from the Mereitians by creating the Neans, in order to create a Blackblood empire. Javi- first "changed Blackblood", leader of the Neans from 53 to 1434 Lilo-born blackblood, leader of the Neans from the death of Javi on, created a new standard of behaviour to the Blackbloods and Neans, won plenty of wars and has lead the Neans to the promised territory, and giving them the opportunity to take influence on the politics of the United Kingdom.


Beauty Ideals

All men, women, and everybody inbetweeen are ideally well-trained and have a close link to nature and their body.

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