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Chapter 3: Ebrahim's Tomb

On the north side, west of Vizier Hill,

lies the tombs and shrines built during the early years of Hyborian occupation. Towards the bottom of the hill, east of the river is a cemetery and several mausoleums: an inheritance from Hyborian culture. As you walk down the hill towards the cemetery, the 4 lanterns team are quietly walking in the same direction, toward Amadjawet’s Tomb (what they picked). It’s a bit awkward.
I don’t know why they are called a team; they don’t even have matching outfits.
— Lilethe to Dono
which then you realize that the 4 lanterns all have similar color scheme of golds and reds with a small brass lantern charm around their neck or wrist and the obvious larger lanterns.
“If I was called The Pharaoh’s left hand, I would get the team to dress the part.”
— Lilethe
This leads to stifled laughs from Harold and Tok, the other two members of the 4 lanterns. Dono, gently explains how their team didn’t pick that name as it was given to them as a joke. Noticing that you are in earshot, she blushes and apologizes. Dono smiles at the group,
No worries. We know that this wasn’t your idea, but when the Pharaoh waived the fee, it ruffled more than a few feathers. Some of us should be grateful that the Pharaoh is considering legalizing this kind of work, which is thanks to your team.
— Dono
They don’t move that far away as their mausoleum is just a stone’s throw across the cemetery. You notice that before the 4 Lanterns do any work, Lilethe sets up paper and begins sketching the mausoleum with Tok taking rubbings of the carvings on the door all the while, Harold using the lanterns and mirrors to give more light to the area.
by Midjourney
The edges of the 2-foot stone wall outline are softened by the fine sand. In the center is stone structure which covers the entrance to the mausoleum. Obelisks, dead trees, and carves sphinxes peek out of the dunes within the cemetery. Walking through, there is a crunch of dried wood and bone. Below the sand are remains of dozens of boxes and scattered bones. While it once was organized with rows of family members collected and laid out on the property, ancient robbers have taken their toll; remains scattered, obelisks chipped and sphinxes wounded. The central Mausoleum appears intact. A set of double doors is affixed to the northern side of the structure. A relief carving of a man and the name in on the door. In Old Khemitian, the man’ name is Ebrahim. Born in 1505, Died in 1601. There are no visible handles and are solid stone. The doors are 10 feet tall and made of solid stone.
Upper Shaft Room
Second Antechamber
Chariot Chamber
Trophy Room
Northern Door
Burial Chamber
Burial Goods
Unfinished Tombs and Tunnels

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