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Chapter 1: The Auction

In Keruma on the afternoon of day four, the open market square has been cleared of merchants and vendors to create a grand celebration pavillion. The path to the barracks to where the adventurers have been residing for the past 3 days is illuminated with lanterns and decorated with statue pieces from Keruma's temple of Ades. The adjacent warehouse where much of the treasures have been stored has extended awnings towards the pavillion in a large display of goods for the auction. For the teams, the collection of mummies (Ebrahim, Penthru, Amadjawet, etc) are placed on platforms in front of the the warehouse with many offerings fit for a pharaoh. Their names prominately displayed. It is noted by the Lector Waeb of Keruma that they will be returned to Wati in a special memorial marking this event.   Opposite of the warehouse is the Uncanny Jackal. while normally a common tavern, The Pharaoh has rented the place for this celebration, cleaning it up to host many guests and travellers coming to see and buy the treasures. the smells from the Buffet tables, music and dancing fill the market square.   Now there’s no official rule of trading between teams. Mostly because items still have to go through the Pharaoh’s men. So if they want to, the players can do any trading after Basif’s appraisal before the auction. Nine of the ten teams are here with their items to be sold. The Sunrise Fellows still haven’t been found.   The most abundant item for sale are the Sarcophagi, promenently displayed by the warehouse. including the ones brought by the adventureres, there is also a Red Marble with Gold leaf Sarcophagus of Amadjawet.   Players can mingle with teams and merchants throughout the evening.

Presentation of Providence

While the party goes on, the warehouse side is focused on bringing out various items for sale. Administrator Basif presents each item in a rather dry presentation. No one says the teams can’t help in the presentation. If the players don’t know, after their first sale, Gaffe Sethom will come up to the auction table for one of their items and tell a story of the item. While Basif is not amused, General Seqrene allows this to continue as he see's that the stories bolster the bidding. This does get a bit rowdy towards the end with various groups having plenty to drink and telling wild/exaggerated tales surrounding the item. While amusing. Gaffe Sherpses has to step in, after Balmar of the Cryptfinders went on a 5 minute tangent about raiders tried to steal his cart in the necropolis, totally forgetting about the stelae he found, in order to bring order back to the auction.
Groups at the Auction
Scorched Hand
May not be here if the Players killed them. If they are alive, they are admonished and all their items found are put up for auction and they only receive a 3rd of the sales. If dead, their items are still up for auction with all sales split between the church and the Pharaoh. This all depends on what the players say or do.
Sunrise Fellows
They didn’t return, so their stuff is being held until the investigation is complete. Ptemenib, of the local militia, and priest of Ades has been assigned to the investigation. He is here to debrief General Seqrene on what has been discovered so far.

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