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Prophecy of the Seven Sons

Religious proclamations are often public events. A way for a holy order to make known their views and the way they seek to impose those views on the world around them. They are a call to action to the faithful and a warning to blasphemers. They are clear and concise, and spread as far as their influence can reach. To hide or obscure any part of the message is contrary to the inherent goal. That is, if the proclamation comes from an acceptable mouthpiece, one that other corners of the world do not feel the need or ability to silence. When the speaker is viewed with revulsion and fear, the intent of their words and those who they target are often better kept from public understanding. This was the goal when words of prophecy leaked out of the deepest depths of the Abyss.   The Prophecy of the Seven Sons would never be mistaken for anything but the profane threat that it is. It speaks of demon lords of the Abyss and how their birthing into the mortal world will bring about the end of days. But it does so in a flowery, dramatic tone that would not be unfamiliar to a modern theatrical production. It uses modern phrases. It even rhymes in the common tongue, suggesting that it was never written in abyssal to begin with. These traits are all intentional acts of deception meant to keep prying eyes from applying true scrutiny to its words. The true targets are those who saw it first as it worked its way up from the lowest levels of the underdark. Those who would recognize the hidden meaning of the words woven through it. Those most taken advantage of by demonic manipulation over the millennia. The drow.   While the reaction to the words of the Abyss was muted and inconsequential on the surface, it tore through the underdark like wildfire. Dark elves who understood the true meaning of the message felt a call to arms for a righteous war. And even while most did not support the dark goals of the Seven Sons, they also held no sense of obligation to the world above that would suffer the consequences. As a result, multiple cults to Orcus and his demonic allies were quick to form, each believing itself to the group prophesized to bring about an Abyssal insurrection that would scour the surface world clean. The reality that none of them considered is that they were all wrong. These prophetic words were not only meant to deceive the those above into believing them to be false, but also to deceive the world below to believe them to be truth. The Seven Sons are not creatures of prophecy. They are monsters of death and destruction, too chaotic to look past the veil to truly see what lies ahead. But what they do understand is the path that mortals will walk to reach their own downfall.
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