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Mykanos Cotories and characters

Corporate leaders of Mykanos: This coterie on Mykanos is the ruling class with Franseca as their leader it is newly formed as she has taken it over due to Davids demise. Fransesca (Blood bound and forced to be Lambros Bitch) spends a collective pool of 8 and 2 free dots advantages for the coterie bringing in the contacts and herd for the coterie to control, she is a people person first and foremost working to gather information she is the one who has the Contacts, Local politician and Influence, free on 1 reassures and 1 on a retainer. Lambros decides to blood bound Fransesca to him because he is not an idiot. He sees how her actions threaten the domain, she also forces her to reverse the gentrifcation halting it in its tracks. lambros forces Entrancement on her as well as the Linger Kiss, making her his willing cup bearer. The worst thing is she believes that she is actually in love with him. In truth she has only been feeding on those that are not her preference as a way of torture. Abraham is part of two coteries but his main roll for this one spending 4 and 2 free dots in it is how integrated and portillion the corporate is to the island, as well as how secure it is from intrusion, his 2 free goes into a haven in the office building. Fraser Dawson (the new company leader) (Gifted) Is Frans young neonate childer who works his days making sure that the herd, and building is maintained spending 5 and 2 free dots chasse and herd, free on resources. Fraser gets the company under Lambros watch as the oldest kindred on the island. Lambros Primatos (is Mykonos's new leader) (Gifted, and Unbondable) Part of the Mykanos night life scene spends his free two dots in chasse for the leaders, His is the Dominter of Fran. A relationship of convince. Lambros blood bonds Fran making her his bitch using some entrancement on her, she was played for a fool by Lambros. He also approaches the Gangrel giving him an out even though he will be bound to Lambros for a short while, only enough to free him from the six blood bond. Which he will accept. He then makes a deal with the Nemeses giving them some settlement and improving the lives of the smaller businesses, he does the same with the restaurant industry. Alvaro Golia (Staked) A gifted Ventrue another neonate this time Frans "sister" who once worked under David and now is Frans finical tool his and 7 points on influence (2) 5 on the office building and 2 free points on resources. Abraham stakes Alvaro. Putting him into torpor. Lambros will feed of him several times making sure the lingering kiss hits, as well as blood bonding him one step. He will then spend time brain washing him into thinking that Lambros is the only one who can save him from the demons. He used dread gaze, on him along with Entrancement several times over.   Akbay Usak Gangrel Turkish (Gifted) He is a blood bound (only for a short while) , his 2 dots go to lien, the rest of his points go between 3 dot allies with 2 reliability.   Domain: Chasse (••••) (The main office building and Mikonos central area): Lien (••••) : Portillon (•••) :   Influence: (••••):Business Hotel community   Resources: (••): the portfolio, Lambros has spent 3 resource points on bribes, to keep each group happy and loyal.   Haven: (••) in the office building. (••) dot watchmen 8 average mortals and 2 gifted bosses. location and luxary total spent of(••) . (•) in security system.   Disliked: (•) many of those who where sacked are a little bit miffed at being sacked.   Allies: A pack of dogs used for spying and to attack (••) reliability when called by the gangrel (••)   Extras: Contact corrupt politician one at(•••) dots : Herd (•••) (Interns, late night workers), Allies (•••)(Local politicians for the region), (•) retainer a underwhelming cleaning staff in the local government.       Plumaries, Mykanos nightlife union: Eleanor in the past she gave the group 2 free dots in influence, and 3 dots in resources and 2 in retainers. was the leader of this coterie but since her death it has gone under the sway of her second in command so to speak Lambros Primatos a half her age toreador (gifted) who enjoys and cultivates the modern music he spends his 2 free points in chasse and 4 points spent on 1 on chasse, and the rest in contacts in the nightclub district. Delia Faga Maintains the fame of the in-crowd (Gifted) 2 points in lien and 2 points in fame . There is a group of five others four Toreador and a Minister. Elena Morton (Average) 2 free points on herd, Madison White (Blood Bound to Abraham) (Average) 2 free points on herd. She has been found out about her insurrection and instability and is being taught humility Petri Halonen (Average) 1 point in influence. Lina Páez (Average) 1 point in haven, all of these are Toreadors. Pan Chun Minister, Chinese (Average) 1 point in herd always are high and gives resonances. Emma Valdueza A recently arrived toreador, and she gives the coterie 1 dot in lien.   Domain: Chasse (•••) The most popular nightlife near the ocean in Mykanos and Lien (•••)   Contacts: (•••) fellow members of their subculture   Fame: (••) Famous group of people who choose who and what is popular.   Herd: (•••••) Loyal party goers filled with Resonance cultivated by the toreador.   Influence: (•) In the local club scene (Eleanor gave a lot more influence in this). To influence who gets let into clubs, what songs are played and so on.   Extras: (•) simple haven in one of the clubs if one is up to late. They had (•••) dots in resources and a (••) in retainers to control the nightlife utterly.       Corporate: These kindred who influence the wine and restaurant industry: These are local kindred who have there niche in the local food industry pooling there collective influence to a powerful coterie. They are situated in the smaller towns and are only united to keep themselves safe. They got a grant, to increase there profits as well.   Resources: (•••) Food industry profits, (•) Temporary resource dot from Lambros.   Watchmen: Watching the Church This group of kindred watch over the Islands many churches and religious groups, and also influence them away from the Si. At least attempt too. Even though there beliefs might differ they see the value in working together somewhat to benefit kindred society.   Nemeses: A enterprising kindred: This kindred group who before where coterie less have taken advantage of the recent strife with the recent sacking of people from the leaders business as well as other kine whose employers have been treating them badly. They have influence over the smaller businesses, where the corporate leaders at the top have not enterprised yet. They have been appeased since Lambros has used the capital at his disposal to make these groups happy seeing that diversity is more important then one corporation. They also acquired Amedeo Verna as there slave to help these businesses as an advisor, as well as the resources that he has, each month.   Resources: (••) His tourism industry profits, (••) temporary resources for the downtrodden.       Coterie less kindred:   Lek Shirpa: (gifted) A Banu haqim who is slowly taking control off the local police force. She is struggling with sudden lack of funding as most assets of the police have been moved to Syros. But she is does not have the political power to stop this change. She will help Lambros take care of the little martial Ventrue problem, Liliana Barletta will be fed the Anarchs. She has (•••) influence in the local Mykanos Police, a (••) lawyer contact.

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