"Hey, trashcan!"

Better than anyone else, and honestly believes it of course, which is obviously why he constantly needs to prove it to everyone. Someone as selfish as him must love themselves, is what one might believe. The opposite is the case. Basically a 40 ton pile of insecurities on tracks.   It seems like he gets a great deal of gratification from being as insufferable as possible to the people he can't stand. He either can't stand them because he feels they are superior to him, or because he thinks they're beneath him. Effectively, that means he is rude to everyone he meets.   Some people want to believe that somewhere under all the layers of jerk, there's a heart of gold, but realistically, one will just hit jerk-bedrock eventually.   It's not that he just acts hostile towards those who try to approach him - sometimes he is actually the one who approaches others, but only in order to go out of his way to bully them. Those he takes a special disliking to will know.

Physical Description

Body Features

Grey camo, white kill rings on his cannon.

Specialized Equipment

90mm main cannon.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Constructed about 18 years ago in Australia. Was part of a free team there, until he accidentally killed his leader and got kicked by the new leader.   Roaming around on his own, he met Thrira when he attacked a caravan she was part of. They ended up fleeing from Australia together and ran into the Rainmakers, whom they joined.   He's been a part of the team since.

Personality Characteristics


It's not absolutely clear why he stays with the Rainmakers, since he doesn't seem to care about their goals all too much.  


Good at fighting, but too reckless for his own good. When he feels like he has to show everyone what a great fighter he is, he acts carelessly and gets in trouble.


Contacts & Relations

Only has one friend: Thrira. They fled from Australia together and didn't like each other at first, but somehow ended up growing fond of each other.

Social Aptitude

Just couldn't get along with people even if he tried. Only exception is Thrira, whom he acts less rude towards.


Uses foul language a lot.



teammate (Vital)

Towards Scarlett




leader (Important)

Towards Striker




Upon joining the Rainmakers, Striker immediately developed a crush on Scarlett, but she didn't reciprocate it. Striker didn't know how to handle it, so while he respects her rejection, it still bothers him and gave him a rather ambivalent view of her. In short: He can't decide whether he hates her or loves her. She has felt similarly about him, alternating between being annoyed with his antics and appreciating his few redeeming qualities.  

Their already complex relationship is made even more complicated by their power dynamics - Scarlett is clearly higher ranked than Striker is. He accepts this or not, depending on his current mood. He will only follow her orders begrudgingly, while yelling at others when they so much as question them. Likely, he will act fiercely loyal to her towards outsiders while cursing her name under his breath. She will lecture him about respect and obedience when he looks at her wrong, but let it slide when he acts arbitrarily.   Both of them don't seem like they intend to change anything about this odd sort of symbiosis anytime soon. They clash regularly in heated arguments, but soon after grin smugly at each other like nothing ever happened. Their teammates shake their turrets, but everyone feels that interfering with this tinderbox of a relationship would have disastrous results.

Used to spell his name as "Stryker", but got bullied into changing it.
Medium Tanks
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
The Rainmakers
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
English, German


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12 Apr, 2018 05:08

A great look at the dynamics of the Rainmakers! Especially loved the quotes for each character, and still love the idea of your world!

12 Apr, 2018 10:32

I'm glad you like them! I figured an unusual team would have unusual dynamics as well. Looking forward to making more articles about their members and their relationships to each other.

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