"... and if she keeps talking like that she will get herself killed eventually."

An SPG who just lives for the moment, is humble and good. Someone who is content with the way things are and doesn't speak up, doesn't cause trouble, knows her place.   That's not Scarlett. She knows what she wants. And she knows how to get it. Her goals are no less than creating a new society as she envisions it to be, and it's not just a diffuse dream. She has definite plans, and she's working on putting them into action.   She remembers how things were before the Purge. She remembers well. And she has been hellbent on restoring her class' old power and reputation ever since their terrible fall. Where others might want to reach a state of being equals again, she doesn't think of stopping there. Artillery will know their place - as rulers, even more powerful than they were.   When she isn't busy with that, she likes to party with her team.

Physical Description

Body Features

Dark grey camo paint. Turret number "666".

Physical quirks

Flicks her "collar" often when she talks.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Constructed shortly after the bombs and was never anything but an SPG. She survived the Purge - somehow - and instead of scaring her into humility, it only awakened her ambitions.

Intellectual Characteristics

Sharp mind. Keen perception.


Contacts & Relations

In an on and off relationship with her teammate Adam.

Social Aptitude

Smooth and charismatic. Can easily get people to do what she wants them to do. Not above telling lies on occasion, if it's necessary, but not a dishonest tank per se - if she has a problem with someone, she will openly confront them about it.

Hobbies & Pets

Appreciates art and likes to have pictures taken of her.


Always speaks in a confident way, with a great range of tone and emotion. Voice is always kind of a purr, unless she is angry.



teammate (Vital)

Towards Scarlett




leader (Important)

Towards Striker




Upon joining the Rainmakers, Striker immediately developed a crush on Scarlett, but she didn't reciprocate it. Striker didn't know how to handle it, so while he respects her rejection, it still bothers him and gave him a rather ambivalent view of her. In short: He can't decide whether he hates her or loves her. She has felt similarly about him, alternating between being annoyed with his antics and appreciating his few redeeming qualities.  

Their already complex relationship is made even more complicated by their power dynamics - Scarlett is clearly higher ranked than Striker is. He accepts this or not, depending on his current mood. He will only follow her orders begrudgingly, while yelling at others when they so much as question them. Likely, he will act fiercely loyal to her towards outsiders while cursing her name under his breath. She will lecture him about respect and obedience when he looks at her wrong, but let it slide when he acts arbitrarily.   Both of them don't seem like they intend to change anything about this odd sort of symbiosis anytime soon. They clash regularly in heated arguments, but soon after grin smugly at each other like nothing ever happened. Their teammates shake their turrets, but everyone feels that interfering with this tinderbox of a relationship would have disastrous results.

Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
The Rainmakers
Known Languages
German, English


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