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The High North Coast

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Far removed from the distant empires of the south, the High North Coast teeters on the brink of collapse. Fifty years after a great civil war, the Kingdom of Greenwood, the only one of the Three Kingdoms remaining, struggles to survive in the aftermath. Colder winters than any can remember sweep down from the Everfrost, bringing disease and despair. Marauding orc tribes, rampaging monsters, bandits and pirates ravage the land and pillage the sea, as trade from the south slows. And people whisper in every city that nature itself attacks them.   Some place their hope in their King, Ardwulf Symond IV, as he lies awake for yet another sleepless night. Some turn to local rulers, or to the soldiers. Some believe that the magical might of the Kingdom will protect them, while some seek to protect the Kingdom on their own. Still others say that none of these can be fully trusted, and gather arms and supplies and build fortifications, preparing for the worst.   And some say that soon, civilization itself must collapse, and step forward to hasten its end.   Right now I'm importing info from my multitude of other docs, so it'll be pretty disjointed & contradictory for a while. Current year: 1722