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Battle-storm presence and lifter of the Aspects

by Aramander the Sage

Featured in Lorekeepers episode 11.  

"Look out there, to the far horizon. Do you see how the sky meets the ground? That is where Najani comes near to the Knowing, and where Gaea humps upwards to bring the Knowing closer to Najani. If you were to walk to that edge, you would be among Najani too. And if you were to look back towards me, you would see that I too, am on the far horizon. Do you understand now? We are all among Najani, always. Only the Riven below are not forever steeped in their presence."
  Najani is the god of the sky and storms, one of the proscribed gods. Partnered to Gaea, the two were once divine companions who embodied the world and the sky above it. That union was forever destroyed during the Ashcurse, which shattered the heart of Gaea and corrupted Najani, burning them out of the sky forever.   Apart from Gaea, no god has suffered worse than Najani since the fallout of the Ashcurse. In the eons that followed, those that were fortunate enough to remember the perfection of what once was regularly cursed Najani with the unforgiving sun, the cloudless skies and the thin atmosphere. When the world was Mended, Najani too was restored, but that restoration would only give back a modicum of the personality and presence that the god of sky once had.   Since then Najani has been a distant whisper, heard among trees and in vales. They are consulted by wild folk, druids and barbarians alike to discern the Whim of the winds.  

Affiliated Organizations

Though there are no proper churches attributed to Najani, practitioners of the druidic tradition have long listened to Najani and Gaea for instruction, hoping to divine their will. Those who seek the whispers of Najani are known as roosts, and typically convene in places where the wind is stronger, or where they can rise above the ground. There they may cast bones or release handfuls of carefully selected leaves to see where they may fall, believing that these practices may teach them of the will of Najani.

Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

There was a time prior to the Ashcurse when it was said that mortals could speak to Najani as easily as to another mortal; if there was a time to inquire of the god what their philosophy is, it was then. Since the calamity that corrupted the sky, Najani has been distant, and does not answer to the calls of those who would seek them with more than a whisper.   Though there is no formal philosophy of Najani, there have been multiple examples of mortals assigning philosophies to them. Many attributed the Whelming–the phenomenon of heightened magic that took place shortly after the gnomes of Oberiska returned magic to the world–to Najani, and as such they were celebrated by people accross the world for their return. A cropping of churches to the god of sky were born from this movement, and though they did not survive for more than seventy years, they nonetheless created a doctrine of works to follow.   Properly however, there is only one lasting phenome that can be attributed to followers of Najani, and that is the Way of the Wind. Coined by druids in some lost past age, the Way of the Wind is a belief that what will happen, must happen. Though this is occasionally misquoted as the inverse, the druidic circles of the sky are very particular in making clear the distinction.   The Way of the Wind, simply put, is to believe that because all things are players in the dance of causality, that any observed consequence or action that creates a consequence is what would always happen in that moment. The distinction between this and predestination is that

Divine Classification

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