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Glarion, Mistress of the Scales, Broker of Souls and Queen of Wagers

No god or goddess of the Etherium has ever been forgotten entirely, though invocation of different deities is culturally impacted by both the personality of the era and the Nineflow’s regional magography. While mercantile families have always had need for a patron, Glarion has come into recent prominence and invocation of her presence has extended well beyond the reach of the Bronzehills, thanks in part by the rise of the age of Wealth.   Those who follow Glarion are expected to be canny handlers of all forms of wealth. They regularly patronize the arts, contribute to religious funds to aid the poor and needy, and at the end of the day are expected to work shrewdly to earn it all back. In return, the blessings of the church of Glarion promise wealth, success, and an industry edge. Good fortune is sure to come to those who practice regular prudence with their finances.

Divine Domains

Tempest, Arcana

Divine Classification

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