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The Halûmian Tales

A.P. 761

Created by

Editorial Team

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Once upon a time, the gods and mortals lived in unending peace, prosperity, and success. Knowledge grew like fruit on the branch, and the Nineflow passed from the heavens through the world unhindered into the brilliant souls of mortals. For one thousand years and one day the Knowing races partook in the light of creation under the unbroken skies of On.

By the timekeeping of the heavens, that period lasted for one divine hour. And then that peace was gone.

In the span of a moment, The Regents of the Animus could do nothing but look on in horror as the First Betrayal the cosmos had ever seen tore their beloved lands below apart. In the span of a moment, the hells were torn from the shadow of the divine realms, and gods looked on sunless refractions of their own nature. In the span of a moment, the skies above mortals filled with darkness and the ground beneath their feet heaved and pitched and rolled. These were the last things the Regents saw.

The Regents watched the world of mortals no more. Would they ever see their beloved little sister again? What had become of the world-child and the Knowing that grew on her?

Eons had passed this way when Anauel of House Ovation heard the first echo come from the darkness beyond.