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The Great Straight

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The Great Straight is a home-brewed portion of Golarion, part of Paizo's Pathfinder universe. This is a relatively secluded but massive string of islands varying greatly in size. Travel between most islands are treacherous and difficult thanks to the world's most dangerous natural disasters and the world's most dangerous creatures. While some islands can trade relatively uneventfully, many are highly isolated and thus reliant on outside help. Teleportation between islands is exceedingly rare and only made possible with a magic system funded and run by the island's local governments, making them very limiting and unreliable.   In the years leading up to The Great War Era (GWE), the world power was that of the Marines. While most islands under their rule are prosperous, racism in the World Government's ruling system is extremely prevalent. The ordered slaughter of several races, namely goblins and hobgoblins didn't sit well with many residents of The Great Straight.   The Marines are under complete control of all islands in the Eastern Great Straight while the rebellion has control of several islands in the west. Thessea is a massive continent-sized island in the middle of the Great Straight that hosted several of the Great War's bloodiest battles. The further north and south you go the less the war has taken an effect on the people and land.


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