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The Great Howdidigethere

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Dear Reader from the world where I was supposed to belong,   I am a scientist, or at least I like to think I am one. One day I’ll certainly be that. What counts is that I’m stuck in this strange, but wonderous place. At least from a quasi-scientist’s view, you see. I have fell through a quite literal rabbithole, and found myself in a world that you could call a parallel universe, but if I want to be accurate, it’s more “perpendicular”.   Anything and everything is similar to how we are used to see them in our good old earthling lives, but it is as if evolution had lots of beta tests going on and threw whatever it deemed unfit for the blue planet into a bootlegged version of the same planet.   This is my journal, and I’ll document my newfound research for your reading pleasure, and in the hopes of an inevitable rescue mission as I’ve seen from my favourite American TV shows.

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