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Chapter 1: Rosalind - Of Fathers & Daughters

Chapter 1 Deep Dive

  Summary:   Rosalind, barefoot in the woods, tracks a red stag away from her mother's garden. She chases the deer, regretting not wearing her boots, and loses it when she shoots an arrow. Frustrated, she finds herself caught in thorny brambles, tearing her dress and breaking her bow. As she screams in frustration, she hears a whisper of her name but finds no one around. Perplexed, she heads home, wondering about the mysterious voice.   She returns home to her family, who are busy preparing for her sister's wedding feast. Rosalind is excited for the festivities and the opportunity to wear a new dress.   She reflects on her own future wedding and her role as the future queen of Ludo. Rosalind is ambitious and determined to excel in her duties as queen. The passage also includes a conversation between Rosalind and her servant, Abigale, as they prepare for a hunt. Rosalind expresses her desire to be the first on the field and discusses her plans for the future.   However, her father, Roland, informs her that the hunt is for men only and she is to return to her room. Rosalind protests, citing her skills in archery and her claim to a specific stag. Despite her tantrum, Roland remains firm and punishes her by spanking her and sending her to her room. Tragedy strikes.  
  • Rosalind follows a stag & loses it
  • the apple calls to her
  • breakfast
  • wedding supplies/food/drinks arrive
  • Vitor and family arrive
  • Cheese!
  • Wedding festivities
  • Wedding!
  • Rosalind thinks of her wedding
  • Rosalind the heir
  • Rosalind preps for the hunt
  • Vitor & Roland
  • No girls allowed!
  • Sulky Rosalind
  • Wailing & confusion
  • Gelen brings bad news
  Chapter Questions:
  • What is the Theme or Big Idea? Rosalind's introduction
  • What Happens at the Beginning of the Chapter? Rosalind is introduced as she hunts a stag through her father's garden and the golden apple calls to her
  • What Happens at the Middle of the Chapter? Brigitta is married
  • What Happens at the End of the Chapter? Rosalind is denied going on the big hunt and Roland is injured
  • What is the Most Important Moment of this Chapter? King Roland is gravely injured
  • How Does This Chapter Tie Into the Overall Story? It introduces Rosalind the FMC and hunts at the Golden Apple's magic

Plot Details

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Chapter Details

  • # of Pages: 17
  • # of Words: 3,745
  • Reading Level: 5
  • Takes Place: 3/21 - 3/25/1510

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