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You've heard of them before, great, winged creatures, covered in scales and breath of fire. Some say that they are beasts, incapable of intelligent thoughts, others that they are guardian angels sent by the gods to protect us. There is only one thing everyone can agree on. They are dangerous.

Basic Information


Typical dragon, 4 legs, long neck and tail, two or more wings depending on subspecies. All have scales, though of varying strength and color. They very much resemble the basic structure of the Wings of Fire dragons.

Growth Rate & Stages

Stages are: Egg->Hatchling->Fledgling->Dragonet(?)->Fully grown Egg develops for a year, and there can be multiple eggs per clutch, from 1-7. They are considered a hatchling until they can fly. Once they can fly, they are a dragonet, which usually takes 2-3 years after hatching. They are (usually) fully grown at 7 years old.  They can live for hundreds of years, barring disease, or,well, humans. There are not a great amount anymore, due to poaching, and the eggs needing so long to hatch. Dragons are lucky if one egg of their clutch survives through the year. There are many eggs that won't make it however, due to parents not coming back, due to death, or simply because it isn't worth the risk.

Ecology and Habitats

The great majority live in mountainous areas, although there are subspecies better built for different habitats, or ecosystems. However, it has been more successful for them to live in the mountains, as humans cannot get to them as easily.

Dietary Needs and Habits

A dragon's Diet dependson it's subspecies. For instance, an Ocean dwelling dragon will eat mainly Fish, or seafood. Most dragon's have a meat based diet, although some differ.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Are mainly loners due to low numbers, but do form groups where they will defer to the wisest, oldest, strongest, most intelligent, etc.


Doesn't happen unless a warlock or wizard enslaves the dragons, and even then it's not domestication, it's more slavery.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Potions, voodoo hippy medicine that doesn't work and is just expensive, armor, weapons, magic, dark magic, and jewelry

Average Intelligence

Very intelligent, and very wise. They are simply content with what they have, unlike humans.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

A 6th sense, used to detect magic and enchantments.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Humans can be either. Depends

Capable of living to 1,000 years, but due to outside intervention, they only live to their 20s
Average Height
8-12 feet on average.
Average Weight
2-5 tons
Average Length
13-20 feet
Average Physique
Lean, thin, and narrow for optimal aerial manuevers.

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