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Emotional Spirit

Emotional Spirits refers to a collection of spirits with a similar ability which involves forcing a certain emotion or mental state upon an individual or group of people. These spirits can take any manner of shape, and can involve a variety of abilities usually involving the aforementioned forceful emotional states.   Some of these spirits are more aggressive, capable of physical attacks or spells, while others may be more passive and rely more heavily on their auras.
  The Spiritual Travelers encountered a form of Euphoria on Nurend 05, 308 known as The Spirit of Christmas. This spirit was a strange, vaguely humanoid blob of pink spectral energy surrounding a dove. The pink blob-like spirit constantly had a beatific smile on its face, and utilized its oddly spikey arms to attack the party with Euphoria Spikes.   This spirit departed after being freed from The Twisting Stumps, though perhaps more Euphoria is out there somewhere.
  Hysteria has been mostly ignoring the spirit of Paranoia since arriving in The Gates with the other Spiritual Travelers, though, thanks to Namina, an encounter with the being occurred on Nurend 06, 308. This spirit is described as mostly just being a cloud of black smoke filled with eyes and reaching, long-fingered claws. Rather than physically harming the party, it seems to rely more heavily on its auras to turn the party against each other.
Genetic Descendants

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