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Shenta-Har-Ek (Shen-te-har-ek)

To think, to dream, to create in one’s mind. What speaks more to the ultimate nature of a being than their ability to recognize that which is persistent outside of themselves. The Shenta-Har-Eka (Shen-te-har-eeki) are beings of immense complexity. Speaking in what seems like riddles to the other races, they are capable of connecting those which others are not even aware. They create magnificent works of art, literature, ritual, and myth. Their cultural manifestations are incredibly complex, and neigh on impossible for outsiders to understand. Outside of their immensely beautiful works, they are the holders of the keys of conception, alone acting as spiritual guides for all living things. Trusted in this role above all else, they have taken vows of non-violence towards all life and are considered above warfare or manipulative practices. However, in practice their methods remain destructive. The Shenta-Har-Eka preach share and create across all the worlds, but their beliefs vary substantially. While they possess almost precognitive abilities from their mastery of connection, their inability to speak plainly often leads to misunderstanding from those around them. Thus, many wars have been fought on the poorly focused works of Shenta-Har-Ekains who thought only of the greater conscious web they serve. This web deemed The Shola is one of their only joint agreements and goals. To become one with Shola is to become infinite.

Basic Information


The Shenta-Har-Ek are distantly related to lesser ungulates. This is most clearly witnessed in their hands and feet which retain a semblance of hooves, albeit more flexible. Their facial structure is broad, especially along the nassal ridge and expands into a wet, hairless nose of large proportion. Most of their body is covered in short fur which comes in three colors (red, green, orange) and multiple patterns. They are large for a sentient creature, with females standing above the males at a massive 2.6 meters tall. Their bodies have only recently adapted to a bipedal station, as evidenced by their wide stance and swing/shuffle gait.

Genetics and Reproduction

Giving birth is an incredibly taxing process on a Shenta-Har-Ek female, not only because the strenuous two year pregnancy leaves about half of all mothers dead but also because of the intense rituals surrounding mating and pregnancy. Shenta-Har-Ek are only allowed to mate, gestate, and give birth when supported by a Coven of Life.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The average Shenta-Har-Ek is incredibly attuned with the Shola, and through this has adapted to recognized minute vibrations in the pattern. Many non Shenta-Har-Ek take this for precognition, but they are not reading the future but the past and a present. Rather they are predicting with more knowledge than most. Despite this, of their physical senses only their hearing remains sharp.
Scientific Name

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