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Jia r’uk (J-ar-ruk)

Internal regulation is not emotional regulation as a human reader might think, rather it is a system of homeostasis and the ability to keep larger bodily functions in check. For the Jia r’uk (J-ar-ruk) this means internal consistency regardless of outside factors. Their world of Mi’vrr’ei (Me-vrai) is very new, full of volcanoes which continually expel sulfurous clouds into the air. Their atmosphere is poorly developed still, thus in areas not relaying extreme heat, it is very cold. But the Jia r’uk are able to maintain their core body temperatures in either of these extreme environments and can process the otherwise poisonous chemicals out of their bloodstreams. This takes a great deal of energy and leaves them as a slow, weak, nomadic herding type of peoples. They were originally Extrogens who were able to capture one of the Orphelians at great risk to themselves. However, they have gained respect among the 9 due to their almost complete resistance to destruction. It is said that they are so hardy that they have been found alive in unprotected deep space up to 4 hours after one of their ships went down. They are also capable of cutting off blood flow to any part of their body, so that if their head is left intact, they can almost always heal. The oxen-like beasts they tend to for milk and meat go with them everywhere and are said to be bound at birth to their masters. The Jia r’uk farm the small valleys between the volcanoes and ice sheets, where they grow bitter tubers and harry off raiders from other tribes.

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