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The Iadidai are very small beings, only coming to a foot or so tall. They are covered in long fur which drapes onto the ground and only two small horns can be seen protruding. While their physical presence is underwhelming, their voice is exactly the opposite. It carries with it a compulsive quality, which they appear to be able to “dial” up or down. When dialed high it is called “the throng” and is said to be irresistible without specific training. Thus, leaders of other planets hire Iadidai to train them in resistance. They are also incredibly useful for parsing out lies, spies, and “verbal poisons”. The Iadidai are confusing to many, with their ultimate motives being unknown. They appear to fight quarrel within quarrel within quarrel, often between themselves and unbeknownst to those around them. It is rumored that they utilized secret languages, and networks to control the flow of information.     Their world, Grrr’ grrr’ graaa is said to “listen” to all who enter. Indeed, it is an odd place. While the large cities produce a wide range of cultural enticements, and the vast floodplains produce plenty of grain berries; there is a feeling that sounds do not echo as they should and that the earth itself takes your voice down into itself. The purpose of this phenomena, if it indeed exists, is not known. Perhaps their Orphelian is partially awake.

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