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A reptilian race at the edge of the known universe. These subterranean and industrial people are very far separated from the 9 cores. They trade a small amount of valuable minerals and have been utilized occasionally via those looking to escape council wrath.

Civilization and Culture


Discovered in 1238 by a Columhouse company mining operator, they exist beyond the Chentie sector and are not even considered part of The 9's galaxy. The Chorn have discussed a bit of their history, prior to the 9. They are originally from a galaxy they call Eliossor, but after losing a great war were forced to quickly flee as far as possible. Thus they landed on their current home planet around the year 800. They refuse to discuss their past aggressors, only that they were "more terrible than the infinite darkness that lay in front of us"- Hector The Vigilant, an early Chorn diplomat.

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