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The Order of the Eye

Neutral Good Secret Organization

Little is known about the mysterious Order of the Eye. It is an extremely secretive organization of scholars, wizards, and spies who serve as the safeguards of knowledge and magic, thought to originate in the Kingdom of Oster. They are the enemies of dark wizards and fell cultists everywhere, and have many enemies themselves.


  • Like artisans' guilds, the Order of the Eye is structured into three tiers.
  • Eyes are the lowest-ranking members, who work directly under Watchers. Watchers lead expeditions and missions, and report to Masters, who meet in a council.
  • One can only become a member by blood or invitation. Watchers usually do the recruiting.

Public Agenda

  • The primary goal of the Order of the Eye is to contain the proliferation of dark magic. Collecting dark artifacts, foiling the machinations of evil wizards, and closing portals to other worlds are of particular import to the Order.
  • The Order of the Eye also seeks to accumulate knowledge, often of the magical variety, in order to protect the kingdoms of man, while remaining totally unseen. They find discreet ways to publish this information to the public.


  • The Eye trains many spell-casters, who have access to a huge body of mentors and library of texts on magic. Spells of disguising, compelling, memory-wiping, and divining make themselves particularly useful to agents of the Order.
  • Members of the Order have engineered specific magic items to aid in their quest. They are well-integrated in the trade of magical items.
  • Non-magical members are the eyes and ears of the Order, the sorts of spies who listen around corners, only to recede wordlessly into the dark. Violence is generally discouraged.


The Order of the Eye was founded in response to the proliferation of magic in the Free Kingdoms after the Elveswar. At the time, the city of Falkryst, in the Kingdom of Oster , was the most influential city in the area, and the Order, originally a small cabal of wizards, established themselves there. Since then, their influence has expanded all over, but they are most prominent still in Falkryst.

Founding Date
Secret, Occult
Alternative Names
The Order, the Eye

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