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The True Folk

Humans come in many shapes and sizes and make up the most populous of the Six Races. They are extremely versatile and adaptable, capable of living in any climate, from the frozen Yswald or the burning desert-kingdom of Stygia (although most live somewhere in between).

Civilization and Culture


Men have been living all over the world since its inception, first crawling on the ground, before mastering tools and fire, and then building the world's great kingdoms. Now, they seem to have set their sites on mastering the arts of magic and technology. Their cultures, customs, and histories are dependent on the different people-groups that they make up, including the Dale-Men, the Heartlanders, Iscagnans, the Norsken, and the Stygians.

Men reach maturity sometime between the age of 18-24, and live to around 75 years. Women tend to live longer, but not by an especially long time.
Average Height
Males stand between 5'6" and 6', on average; women are slightly shorter.
Average Weight
Depending on their height, humans typically weigh between 120 and 220 pounds.

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