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The Witchstone of Ionari

The massive expanse of the Witchstone stretches endlessly on the horizon of Ionari. The grey, lifeless trees creak and howl as the wind sweeps down from the mountains. The Witchstone is home to many unnatural and vile creatures, magics that have stayed secret for hundreds of years, and long lost legends and tales of curses that will never make it to Caeldon.   But the Witchstone was not always like this. Even after the fracturing, the land of Ionari was beautiful and teeming with life. The birds of the air sang their song of hope to all that could hear, the leaves danced in the wind as they fell from the trees, the rainstorms that swept over the mountainside would bring with it new life to every corner of the land. It wasn’t until Yarel the Fallen, a once-great mage in the service of Archmage Kedash the Undying, was exiled to the mountains of the Ionari for practicing the forbidden arts that death came to the land.   For years after his exile in 10 AF, Yarel the Fallen devoted himself to the study of necromancy and the dark forbidden arts, growing more powerful by the day. In 39 AF, Yarel cast a powerful curse upon Ionari and changed the landscape forever.   The vibrant reds, greens, and oranges of the leaves fell to ash, the rivers dried up, the mountains quaked and erupted molten fire in all directions. The woodland creatures that inhabited forest were forced deep underground and the birds of the air crashed to the surface of the forest, never to fly again. Life had turned to death and joy to misery.   Yarel’s support grew exponentially as the tale of his great strength grew, and the Cult of Melshaz was born.


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