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Frozen Crossing


It is said that when the great frost came in 5 AF and covered the Grey Flats in a blanket of snow and turned the Cold Sea into a sheet of solid ice, it was the Goddess of the Sea, Lady Saljen, preparing for war against Lord Baelzeph, the God of Fire. When the frost subsided and the Cold Sea began to flow once again, the only evidence left of the terrible event was a strip of ice connecting the two great continents created by the fracturing.  

The Great Ice Bridge

The ice bridge, named the Frozen Crossing, is roughly 50 miles in width and nearly 100 in length. It stands nearly 700ft above the ground and off of it is a mighty waterfall suspended beautifully forever encased in ice. The perilous journey across is not one that is typically made, and many who attempt to cross do not make it out alive due to the torrential downpours of rain, ice, and snow.   On the end of the frozen crossing that connects Caeldon to Witchstone, the people established a “final outpost” before the crossing called Frostpath. It is here that an ancient order of mages stands guard against the evil of Witchstone to make sure no evil makes it to this side of Caeldon.  

Recent Developments

In 410 AF, it was reported that cracks have began to form in the outer walls of the crossing, and at the base there have been large chunks of ice breaking off.

Natural Resources

Little is known about the natural resources on the crossing. Because of the nearly impossible to navigate weather, many secrets still remain.

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