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Bryn Shander

"Welcome to Bryn Shander, the fiery heart of Icewind Dale! Keep your extremities under wraps, else Auril bites 'em off!"
~ Augrek Brighthelm, Sheriff of Bryn Shander
  Bryn Shander is a settlement in Icewind Dale, and the largest of the ten-towns. It's situated directly south of Kelvin's Cairn, an icy mountain that blocks most of the of the bitter wind from reaching the town's walls. Bryn Shander is known for being the centre of trade and diplomacy within Icewind Dale, with its main exports being knucklehead trout, and thick-fur-clothing obtained from the surrounding forest.   The current speaker of the town is a human veteran named Markham Southwell, who assumed the position after his predecessor, Duvessa Shane, was killed by a frost giant during a grisly siege. As town-speaker, Markham oversees all of the town's operations, including trade with the other nine towns of the Dale. As his sheriff, Markham appointed a mountain dwarf named Augrek Brighthelm, whose position is largely ceremonial due to the low crime-rate within the town. However, in times of great need, Augrek can also serve as the city's castellan.   Although it isn't officially recorded, the Harpers are permitted by the townspeople of Bryn Shander to have a small group of agents placed in the town, strictly for the purpose of intel and providing they don't interfere with the running of the town itself. Furthermore, the townspeople are in good spirits with the Order of the Gauntlet, particularly the human knight Sir Baric Narif of Neverwinter, who often ventures to the town in pursuit of monsters and escaped criminals.   The three gods that are are most commonly worshipped in Bryn Shander are Tyr, Torm and Ilmater. The oldest and largest of the town's temples happens to be a shrine to all three, and is therefore named the 'House of the Triad'.


The residents of Bryn Shander are 90% humans, 8% mountain dwarves and 1% half-orcs. Only a dozen or so permanent residents are part of any other race. As a result, the townspeople of Bryn Shander are often very wary of southerners, particular those of exotic races such as tieflings and dragonborns.


Bryn Shander is surrounded by a tall, stone wall, but following a recent giant attack, this wall has been severely damaged, and the town's southern gate has been completely destroyed. To compensate for this, an army of 200 dwarves from the nearby lands of Ironmaster agreed to be temporarily stationed in town in case any of the giants attempt a second attack. This is in addition to the 300 or so guards the town had already employed.

Founding Date
342 JR
Alternative Name(s)
The Heart of Blizzards
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym

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