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The Final War

The 1152nd year of the Imperial Era

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Over the past thousand years the Eternal Empire has slowly been conquering every kingdom, principality and empire it comes across. It is a dark and menacing place, an empire of necromancers and blood mages; and led by the Crimson Wight, the Eternal Emperor who wants to bring the entire world under his immortal control.   Now, only a handful of human nations remain free of the Eternal Emperor's grasp, and have formed together to create the Dominion of Man. Only together will they have the slim chance of defeating the Eternal Empire and prevent the world from becoming a bloody and undead hell.   But the Dominion isn't as united as it seems at first glance. The kingdoms inside the Dominion bicker and wage petty wars upon each other, and civil strife and corruption threatens to destroy the Dominion from within.   The Eternal Empire is as divided as the Dominion, which seems to be the only hope the human nations have. There is a constant struggle between the blood mages and the necromancers of the Empire, each constantly trying to get the upper hand. Immortals rarely forgive a grudge, and one noble may go to war to settle a score centuries old.   Even the Emperor himself have been overthrown in times past, but always has the Crimson Wight regained the throne. He killed the last usurper mere months ago and destroyed more than half the Empire's armies to do so. The Empire is united, but weakened and this may be chance the Dominion has been waiting for.

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