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The Farlands

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Set in an alternate reality where the world as we know it never came to exist, The Farlands is a seemingly infinite realm of floating islands. Beautifully crafted, heavy, chains hold down the islands to prevent them from drifting away to the unknown.   Although there are many islands, the three “capital” islands are Kamarin Tala (the home of all things magical and mysterious), Moella (trade central in The Farlands), and Brotemine (the industrial island). These main three islands are connected by gargantuan bridges and airship routes.   Magic is a widely studied subject in The Farlands. Those who wish to pursue a path in it must choose one of five elements; Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Cheese. Although intended for good, a few students finish their elementalist training and go on to use their skill for bad, hence why element-specialist legions have been established.

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