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The Carrier Lizard

All throughout the falling city you can find small brass pipes, snaking their way into every house. These are the tunnels used by the carrier lizards, and the backbone messaging system making everything work as it should.


The lizards are usually around 10cm long, 20 including their tail. Their colors vary from brown to bronze, sometimes with lighter yellow or gold streaks. These are more common in the males, who usually also lays on the more shiny end of the spectrum compared to the more muted females. The suctioncups on the lizards feet means they climb on almost any surface, something that comes in handy when delivering messages.

Food and habitat

The lizards are rarely fed, since their diet of flies, bugs and insects can be satisfied while they roam around the city. If they do need more however there are small insect farms in the postoffice specially for that purpose. It is also in the postoffice the lizards have their nests. Made from spare pipes, each lizard pair has a nest they can build however they want. Most use straw and plant material to make a soft bed and plug the pipe so they get privacy, mimicing the behaviour they had when they were living in dug out tunnels before. Buildings that use a lot of carrier lizards can have temporary dwellings to always have a lizard ready in case an important message needs to be sent. These are rarely claimed by a specific lizard pair, and thus usually not decorated.

Carrying messages

Each carrier lizard while on duty has a small lether tube attached to their back. In this the messages, or even small items like a locket or similar can be stored. To know where the lizard should go you put in the address by connecting a small plug to the lizards equipment. When the lizard then goes on it's way, small lights on each of its feet light up whenever it needs to make a turn.

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Cover image: by Andrew Preble


Author's Notes

Heavy WIP, just catching up on SC

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