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Don't fall

A game directly referencing our impending doom? That's never going to become popular!
— Person about to be proven wrong
Don't fall is a relatively popular game, especially in certain cafes where you can borrow a copy to play. The rules are simply, each player chooses a game piece and a place to start along the edge of the game board. Each player is given three tiles with different paths. When it's a players tunr, they choose one of the tiles to place down in any orientation they wish, and then move their game piece along the path. If the tile opens the path for another persons piece, that get's moved aswell. If the path runs you all the way to the edge of the board, you fall off and loose. If two players both fall off it is the one with the most tiles until they reach the end which is the winner. And if that is also a draw, the person who placed the tile is considered the last one to be eliminated. The last person standing is the winner. The game originated on an islad, where the original narrative was to not fall intot the sea around an island. In the city however, everyone referes to the edge as the abyss. There are some alternative rulesets, where instead of staying on the board you compete for the longests paths, the most amount of loops and similar. These aren't as common as the basegame, but recognized enough that people know the rules if they know the bas game. The game box comes with the board, 25 tiles, 5 game pieces and the rule book. While it hasn't sold many copies, a lot of them are in cafes and other public places meaning they get well used.

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Cover image: by Andrew Preble


Author's Notes

Heavy WIP, just catching up on SC

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