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The Etherium

19th of Swelling, 3302 P.S

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"The Etherium is an endless Black Sea,
Streaked with Grand Aether Streams of Light,
Beaded with massive Nodes of brilliant Power,
Adorned by Spheres of Life,
Upon which Awe inspiring Stories are Created."


Countless billions of, elves, dwarves, halflings, and other sentient beings call the Spheres of The Etherium home. Spheres containing dynamic ecologies, some abundant with prosperity and others void of all but the most diuturnal of life.   From the industrious, pragmatic States of the C.T.U where Science and Technology push the bounds of what is possible, To the elegant and pruned FeyCol Territories, bringing Beauty and Order to their charges through the might of Magic, and just beyond the control of either The Free Spheres where those who wish to exercise autonomy choose to live independent from the machinations of large governments and where Law is sometimes made at the end of a gun.   These Factions are mostly contained within the borders of the two grand collections of Spheres, the Sextchromian and Galviluminary Confluences. Other Confluences, such as the Sunderbleak, can be observed far far away. Far enough away that in all of recorded history nothing of note has ever come from them. Yet.   It is an existence where Politicians advocate cruel Violence, the Gods are Dead and Philosophers preach the divinity of all. Where millennia of Avarice and Bigotry has bred Warfare, common interest has shaped dozens of Unique Cultures and lost things that should never have been found seek to influence the lives of all.

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AETHERLIGHT: Empires of the Etherium

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The Etherium is thrust into upheaval and political chaos

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