Rosia Redbrace

Rosia Redbrace, the Current Queen of Dreymore, was a small child when her parents were killed in a goblin raid on her village. She was found in the streets by an adventurer, Hireath Redbrace. He adopted her, took her under his wing and began her training. Having known many diverse individuals who could aid in her tutelage, Hireath called on Wizards, rouges, bards, and fighters to teach Rosia all that they could. Rosia was like a sponge and absorbed it all.   When the War of the Broken Rosia, along with her adopted father, joined the Argent Army (what would later become Argent Company). Due to her multiple talents, along with her keen mind, Rosia was elevated quickly and soon found herself at the head of the Army. At the battle of Faron, Lazar had his forces spread throughout the City protecting it from all angles of attack. He believed his superior numbers and the walls of Faron would ensure his victory. Rosia concentrated her attack on the Norther gate and once they had broken through rushed her forces into the walled off palace ignoring the rest of the capital. Lazar, believing the palace to be important to the moral of his army, if not strategically important, sent wave after wave of troops against the Argent army. However, they were able to beat back the broken army until their numbers were depleted. Then they sallied forth and destroyed the army. This victory ensured victory for the Argent Army and soon after Rosia was anointed Queen of Dreymore.   As Queen, Rosia sees herself as ultimately responsible for the health, safety, and well being of her people. She believes in community and, when faced with difficult decisions, the choice that serves the greater good is the path she will take.   This is not to say that Rosia is always even keeled, she in fact has a rather fiery temper. When she is angry, she never raises her voice, she speaks softly, the angrier she becomes, the more softly she speaks, until her voice is but a whisper. However, these are rare occasions. Normally Rosia is kind, jovial, and charismatic.