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Adalinde de Leiemens

Main character of The Engineering Corps book series.

Name origin

  Her name is based on the Dutch names Ada, which comes from the old German adal meaning noble, and Linde, which comes from the old German linþia, which is a lime tree and the hard shield made from its wood and so it designs a protector. The name is also a personal joke between Adalinde's parents, as Linde could also be seen as a reference to the small lindworm dragon living on their estate and protecting their family—this lindworm already being on their family's coat of arms. As part of her integration into French military society, she had to change her name to Adélaïde and she is not happy about it.   Her family name de Leiemens mean "the people of the river Leie" and relflects the fact that her family owns lands next to the river Leie near Lille in the Flanders region. The name sounds foreign to French people, but family names often do as they have their origin in regional dialects or, for border regions, in foreign languages, so that is not too unusual.


Adalinde was born in Lille, in the Southern Austrian Flanders kingdom. Since the war and peace treaty have left Lille on the French side of the border, she has been forced to enter the French army to protect her younger brother from the conscription. Before that, she was pursing alchemy studies. Thus, rather than enrol as a common soldier, she was granted permission to take the entrance exams to go into the Polytechnique school, the French military school for engineering. Despite how challenging they are, she passed the exams on the first try, and attended that school for 4 years (when she was 19 to 22 years old).

Once she graduated, she entered the Engineering corps with the rank of sub-lieutenant. Through her exemplary behaviour and skills as a leader and a scientist, she was able to be promoted up to the rank of colonel that she has obtained recently. Her job in the army has been to work on research and development in the alchemy division. The recent resuming of war has forced her to go to the front.


  Adalinde is a curious person, who likes to understand how the world works, which is why she loves science. She gets a lot of satisfaction with making concrete things out of her science knowledge, and so appreciates being an engineer. What she absolutely hates is the hierarchy, discipline, and authoritarian system of the military, as well as the discriminations that come from her Flemish background. She is extremely careful and meticulous and always worries about safety measures and her people's wellbeing. She is well appreciated by the people she is leading, and her superiors appreciate the quality of her work and her attention to details. Less appreciated by everyone is what they see as her lack of boldness and avoidance of risks.


  She only joined the army to avoid her brother having to enrol as a common soldier, a position that would put him at a far higher risk than what she is confronted with as an officer. Her goal is to finish the years she owes to the French army before she is allowed to retire and go back home. However, she absolutely hates having to obey stupid people and stupid rules, hates having to do less than perfect and efficient work, and hates others forcing her into dangers. She is also proud enough to appreciate the honours that come with higher ranks - and even more the privileges they bring. Because of this, she has gone beyond her initial goals of lying low until her time was done, and she has participated in the competition and politics required to obtain promotions.

Table of Contents

Nationality: French, born Flemish

Corps: Engineering
Rank: Colonel
Veterancy: 14 years
Schooling: Polytechnique

Age: 36
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Ginger
Size: 1m70

Coats of arms of Adalinde's family by AmélieIS

Uniform worn


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Author's Notes

Thanks Kefkejaco and Bart Weergang for helping me come with the family name :D

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