The End

2299 END

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Generations ago, a mysterious infection spread across the world and brought the dead back from the grave, plunging the world as we knew it into an apocalypse. Humanity fought for well over a century before being wiped out. With a combination of the infection and radiation from the bombs used to combat it, humanity rose again in dozens of forms known as Strains. Society slowly began to rebuild, but the countries and their governments have now been reduced to scattered settlements and vast wastelands with no shortage of grotesque undead and savage raiders. What remains of the old world culture can be found in the different Strains in fragments. With the infection came a powerful omnipotent force known as the Gravemind. The force tethers the minds of the living dead and calls faintly to all the Strains as a voice of death. Now the undead run rampant as survivors do anything and everything to survive.