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Crimson Guard



There are over 35,000 active soldiers, with 1,500 in recruitment training and 2,000 in maintenance training.


The Crimson Guard use any weapon available to them. They are trained to use swords, guns, lasers, and anything of that sort. Those who are higher in rank (Crimson Commander) will use more advanced/specialised equipment like DNA connected weapons, assigned to individuals for testing in combat or approved for use. Ever soldier is trained in how to fly, give first aid and engineer. They have on call access to ships, extra Sovereign Army soldiers and direct communication with the Crowned Sovereign and their Crimson General.


Weapons are used as a last resort when on security details, however in combat/war they use their weapons without hesitation. All Crimson personal will have a hand gun (updated technology) and knives (energy charged), and they are able to get ahold of more weaponry on their appointed ships or armouries.


Ships are the common vehicle because they are quick, however, on-the-ground modes of transport include 8-wheels rovers that are built for terrain adaption. They have thrusters installed into their boots as well, so they are able to fly to get better angles of attack.


For every company (10 soldiers = 2,5000 units) there are 2 Masters and 1 Commander, Generals are placed in specific locations and units dependent on the risk of combative encounters and are not assigned to every single company.


Gaining higher ground and speed are the two best tactics that these soldiers have. Being mutated they are faster and stronger than the average Sovereign or human.


Starting in normal army training at The Institute they are hand-picked by a board of Sovereign and Crimson Generals who vigrouasly test them to make sure they will be a) suitable for the Crimson training and b) will not fail the training. If they pass the requirements they then go onto Crimson training, which can last up to 2 years. There have been failures (by death or early actual dropping out), they are far from common and are frowned upon by the community.


Logistical Support

They need access to ships and weapons, these are provided by the planet/moon they are on. This set up and assurance comes under the Master or Commander of the unit.


The Sovereign Army is who they call for when reinforcements are needed.


The pool of recites are, over eighteen and Sovereign-born (requirements for The Institute), they must score in the top 10 of their cohort at The Institute and through their pre-training score 98% or more in every test to qualify for Crimson training. One of these pre-tests is that they must be able to be modified (in some cases people can't be, depending on genetics).


6732, the Crimson Guard were used to kill or capture anyone who allied with Jupiter (and others) in their attempt to break free of the Sovereign.    9008, the Relic of Atlas was stolen from under their watch.   They were dismantled in 11091, the year before The Sovereign fell.

Historical loyalties

The Sovereign is where the loyalty of the Crimson Guard lies, and always has. They were made specifically to protect the image and prizes of the Sovereign. Not to the human race or the planets/moons they inhabited but The Sovereign.
Crimson Guard Logo by Miles Kayden
Special Forces
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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