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Caria Papur

Caria Papur, the paper lover is somewhat of a mystery. He may even be an urban legend, or a marketing ploy. Reader be warned. All or none of this may be true.   Caria is said to be an inhabitant of Hwyl-Hwyl where he loiters near the most brightly lit of gambling halls, but never goes inside. He is slender, with light brown eyes and a mop of curly red hair, which is probably his most notable feature. His smile is winsome, with even white teeth and a small mole near the corner of his kissable lips.   He always seems to carry a bit of paper art, sometimes a folded red rose which he presents to a blushing lady as she approaches. His eyes promise much, an expression to set the heart pitter-pattering and the skin to flush. Wooing and seduction are in his expression and in the touch he gives to the lady fair.    Some women claim to have been loved by him, the experience everything his gaze assured. Others insist he only seduces with his eyes, but never the rest of him.    To another lady he might present a small gift box of folded paper. Some carry it with them elsewhere to open in private. Some open it in his presence. Poetry on a small scroll is the most common item reported. The verses vary greatly, some say they are exquisite and achingly sweet, other report bawdy limericks, and some insist that the poetry spoke of the love of soul to soul, more than just the sharing of the body.   There have been reports of mere whimsy from this paramour of Hwyl-Hwyl. When he chooses he may gift a paper hippo, or a paper chain, or any of a number of odd presentations. Perhaps he does it to add to the mystery surrounding him. Since everything we know about him is hearsay, we are left sadly confused.
Light brown
Curly and red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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