Chungus - Goblin Alchemist

Life is hard and short in a goblin warren, and it was significantly harder and shorter for those who had the dubious honor of being test subjects for Chungus the alchemist. Gifted with wits otherwise unheard of amongst goblins, Chungus' tribe tolerated his antics because of his immense worth as a poisonmaker, miracle worker, and shrewd negotiator when doing business with outsiders. Until one day they didn't. Having seen one too many goblins' insides become outsides after drinking Chungus' "enhanced ale", they beat him up and left him for dead. Chungus merely saw this as an opportunity to test his new reverse poison, so he licked his wounds, picked himself up, and set out on his own.   "'Curing' is such an imprecise word. You are currently in a state of pain, and yes I can help you enter a different state which is not pain. Several ones, in fact. Do you have any preferences?"   Character sheet - level 2


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