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The Devillous Anthologies

Earth Date: 2034 AD

Created by

(The Devillous Anthologies is, as the name suggests, more than one story. Though the stories are all connected, none has any bearing on the others besides a few references. The series is spilt into four stories or ‘Arcs’ which are all linked by one basic plot.)
  Basic Plot: A cult of evil Angels known as the Church of the Godhand, have set their sights on subjugating Earth, the home planet of a mortal species known as ‘Humans’ on orders of the maniacal High Priestess, Jesus. She has ordered her cultists to start with the City of Brookhaven, Ontario, Canada, where strange things are happening under Alien influence.
  Arc 1: Brothers & Lovers: Two Devil Lord brothers, Lucifer and Asmodeus, are hired as independent contractors by the Kukirian (Milky Way) Galactic Government to fight against the cult threatening the galaxy on the mortal planet Earth. In this endeavour, they are joined by former Aztec ‘god’ Levaithan/Quetzalcoatl and the soldiers Satan, Eligos, and Zepar. The two also deal with relationships, romantic, familiar and platonic.
  Arc 2: Chainsaw Girl: A young Gambling addict is bitten by a buglike Alien and gains the power to summon a powerful chainsaw-like weapon known as a ‘Chainmore’ and a set of super durable armour, and teams up with an alcoholic Devil Lord as a Bounty Hunter on a quest to fuel the pairs’ vices.
  Arc 3: Assassination Nation: Zack Silvers, better known as the legendary assassin ‘Bloodclot’ is hired by a mysterious figure along a ragtag group of other criminals to fight against the sinister “Shadow Council” and return something that belongs to the enigmatic being. But things get more complicated when find an alien queen in a laboratory and agree to help save her people from their grisly fate at the hands of the wicked cult. 
  Arc 4: The SoulChild: A little Human girl gains Omnipotent powers and is hounded by many powerful Cultists intent on harvesting this power for Jesus’ nefarious use. As SoulGuard, Lord Belphegor’s only purpose is to keep the Soul of the Universe out of the wrong hands. However, now he must make sense out of the strange warm feelings a certain young Host produces within him. What is this strange hold this tiny mortal has on him, and why does the thought of losing her strike fear into his very soul?