Kjahl Furgtil

Kjahl Furgtil, also known to many as, "The Beast", is a 15th level Barbarian. Kjahl is a Kalashtar who was raised in the mountains with the goliaths and giants as a fisherman. He was originally born in one of the larger cities, but his family was driven out and killed off due to a xenophobic mob. He has no recollection of this but he instinctively knows that he is nothing like any of the other people he meets even though they look much the same. His race has a very strong connection with spirits from the dream realm, and his particular spirit has a very protective nature for Kjahl. The spirit's name is Okoli, and he came into touch with Kjahl at a very young age when he was fist learning to fend for himself with the giants. They grew to have a relationship similar to a father and son, and eventually Kjahl ventured off the mountains to see the world and understand his place in it. While not very intelligent, Kjahl was kept focused because of Okoli. He mainly focused on seeing more of the world and experiencing things at first, but this quickly changed as he saw the state of the world as he experienced it. The first things he found were tiny hamlets that couldn't even be called villages. These hamlets were being used by the bigger cities just for their crops, animals, or resources that were available to them. After seeing the poor state these people were in he knew he needed to do whatever he could to help them live better lives no matter what he had to do. After traveling for some time he ended up in some larger cities as a street fighter where he first met his mentor, Eddie, who taught him how to use his anger towards the world as his weapon. Kjahl and Okoli became underlings for Eddie who took them on many of his adventures before he retired, at which time he bestowed the title of, "The Beast", onto Kjahl for his defeat of a Stone Golem that could have killed their whole party. From there Kjahl made sure to befriend all who stood by his side and help those who did not have the strength to help themselves. Due to this no man can point to Kjahl's riches, but all can tell he is a wealthy man in many ways when they see his hearty smile and hear his deep and joyful laugh.