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Lux Viatores Manifesto

"Excerpt from the Lux Viatores manifesto, dated to AU 4283. Author Unknown. Most copies of this heretical book has been destroyed and forgotten, but some scraps remain, and are heavily coveted by dissidents of the Khandri's rule."
...So Why is it that the Strahtin Artilos are so far away from our reality nexus endpoint? The the point that even our greatest Yuindarium cannot possibly make the journey? Because they designed it as such. They know that if we ever witnessed the endpoint of the Dark Maybe that we would never comprehend what we've seen, and as such rebel against their creations - The Yuin-Dar Pantheon.   If that was ever to happen, the Strahtin Artilos would have to start over again, and that means we would cease to exist, nay, we would never HAVE existed! It is for this reason they sent their intermediary: The Khandri, who with the Strahtin Artilos' guidance unified the Great Houses and as such brought unbridled peace and prosperity to Voroptian Society.   But this was only a small part of the Strahtin Artilos' plans, for they created the Khandri for the sole purpose of protecting their secrets - That the world is but one experiment among many that they have concocted in their chaotic in-between-place.   What their ultimate goal is we do not know, but WE, the Lux Viatores, our mission has always been to escape the Dark Maybe, and enact revenge on the Strahtin Artilos, and the Khandri.   However, The Khandri commands armies, entire worlds do his bidding, they follow him blindly because they do not know any better.   But I have seen the true nature of our existence and the dark machinations they have in store for us. The Yuin-Dar are lies, our very BEING is a lie. But I will make this right.   Believe in the LUX VIATORES! For I will free you!


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