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The Cycles

1496 C-XIII

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A world is not spawned with history, such things are forged over time. in a world like this one, time is what has formed history, it has lead to war, and prosperity. sorrow and joy. wherein time one lands is not for even gods to decide, that is for fate. do you join us in this world?

Authors note: this world is written with some darker elements as part of it. this is my open disclaimer so I dont feel the need to repeat it, but I write a world with the intention to make it feel somewhat real, and to me as a writer, that means putting in both the good, the bad, and the ugly.
this world will have very few cases of clear black and white, and as much as I, the writer, wish it did not have to be said, let me say it just in case, I dont personaly endorce any of the terrible things that some of the characters in this world does. but I dont intend to shy away from them just becuse of that.
having said all that, welcome to this world, and thanks for reading the first draft for a disclaimer.

Current goals with this world:

for right now, this world is forming, and that may take a long time before it changes. but here are some things that Im trying to do, and that Id love help with if people want to offer it:
tagging articles: as of writing this, I just realized that I could tag articles to make it easier to follow the flow of this world, as such, if anyone got ideas for how to tag things? give me a pling
at the 11th of january 2020, I changed the name of this world, from "The Folded Deck" to simply "The Cycles" as a reflection on development, it does feel like "the world of the cycles" or "in the cycles" sound much better on the tongue.

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